2017 Emerald City 1A League Volleyball Guidelines


Season Beginning Date:                 August 21st
Season Ending Date:                       November 11th
Minimum # of Practices:               10
Regular Season Contest Limit:     16


TWO DIVISIONS (home and away in your own division, playing once in the other division)
Division One:     Annie Wright, Forest Ridge, Northwest, Overlake
Division Two:     Bear Creek, Bush, Eastside Prep, Seattle Academy, University Prep


VARSITY MATCHES:        Best 3 out of 5, rally to 25, no cap, 5th and deciding game rally to 15, no cap.

JV MATHCES:                     Guaranteed 3 games to 25 (3rd game to 15), no cap.
OFFICIALS:                          Home team is responsible for supplying 2 officials (R1, R2) for varsity games
                                              Greater Seattle Volleyball Officials: 425-802-7474; assignor@gsvo.org


WARM UP TIMES:           Varsity 5-5-5-2      JV 5-5-2


RULES of PLAY:                 National Federation Rules


SCORE REPORTING:        Both teams should report game scores on MaxPreps (talk with your AD) and to their AD so they can tweet scores on the Emerald City League webpage.


RESULTS/STANDINGS:   I will make every effort to keep our standings up to date on the Emerald City League website (www.emeraldcityleague.org). If you see an error, please let me know so I can make the correction.


1.            Supplying a qualified official scorekeeper
2.            Supplying a qualified book person
3.            Supplying a qualified libero tracker
4.            Supplying two qualified (adult) lines people each Varsity game. Responsible students okay for JV/C.
5.            Supplying an official game ball

6.            Supplying a cart of balls to the visiting team


ALL LEAGUE PROCEDURES:    We will have 7 1st team, 7 2nd team and 2 honorable mention.

  1. The coaches will only discuss/vote on the kids in their division. This will be “open” voting.

2.    70 % (11) of the all-leaguers will come from Division 1, 30% (5) will come from Division 2.

3.    The top 6 vote getters in Division 1 will be 1st team (#1 being the MVP) and the next 5 will be 2nd team.

4.    The top vote getter in Division 2 will be on 1st team, the next 2 will be on 2nd team, and the next 2 will be honorable mentions.

5.    Coach of the Year, Rookie of the Year and Team Sportsmanship will continue to be across divisions so we will only have one winner in each category.

*As soon as the All League meeting date/time are chosen, both your AD and I will let you know.

All League teams will consist of:                 Setter (1)

Middle Blocker (2)

Defensive Specialist (1)

Outside Hitter (3)

+HMs (any position)




For playoff seeding purposes:  In the event of a tie within a division going into the playoffs, places will be determined by using, in order:

1.            Head-to-head record

2.            If still tied, a comparison of records versus other teams in the league, from the top down.

3.            If still tied, a tie breaker game will be played to determine seeding.



I will confirm dates as the end of the season gets closer, but this is currently what we have on the schedule:



ECL Tie Breakers




ECL Tournament 1st Round

Home of the higher seed



ECL Tournament Semis and Finals








WIAA State Championships

Yakima Sundome




Kim Eng 425-641-0700 ex. 0106 work phone
               425-765-2417 cell phone



5-5-3b(12): Outlines mechanics for the second referee to sound a warning whistle at 45 seconds or any other time when both teams take the court ready to play before the audio signal (horn) is sounded at 60 seconds. Clarifies all time-outs are officially ended with the audio signal (horn).

Rationale: The defining end of a time-out shall be the horn and the warning of the impending end of the time-out is the second referee’s whistle at 45 seconds or at any other time when both teams take the court ready to play before the audio horn is sounded at 60 seconds.

5-4-3c(17): On a time-out, the first referee shall whistle the warning if the second referee is still checking the scoresheet.

Rationale: A procedure is needed for the sounding of the warning whistle should the second referee still be involved with checking the scoresheet.

5-8-3a: Outlines the new procedures for the timer to give the audio signal (horn) only to officially end a time-out and no longer for the warning at 45 seconds into the time-out.

Rationale: Clarifies that the audio signal (horn) shall only be sounded to indicate the official end of a time-out.

9-8-2 New: A replay, is considered, to be a part of a single play action. Therefore, once a replay has been called, by the first referee, no requests, e.g., time-out, service order, lineup, substitution, libero replacement, etc., may be recognized until after the rally is completed.

Rationale: A replay is a single action to repeat the start and completion of a rally that was interrupted under Rule 9-8-1. Clarifies when resuming play, all circumstances should be the same and no requests shall be recognized for, e.g. time-out, service order, lineup, substitution, libero replacement etc.

Officials Signals: Omit the illegal substitution signal (Signal # 20) as the penalty is Unnecessary Delay if attempting to enter the set and illegal alignment if observed in the set.

Rationale: The penalty for illegal substitution is "unnecessary delay--administrative yellow or red card;" there is no longer a need to have two penalty signals, illegal substitution and unnecessary delay.