2019 Emerald City 1A League Volleyball Guidelines


Season Beginning Date:                          August 26th
Season Ending Date:                                November 16th
Minimum # of Practices:                        10
Regular Season Contest Limit:              16 + jamboree


ONE DIVISION (home and away)
Division One:   Bear Creek, Bush, Eastside Prep, Forest Ridge, Northwest, Overlake, Seattle Academy, University Prep


VARSITY MATCHES:    Best 3 out of 5, rally to 25, no cap, 5th and deciding game rally to 15, no cap.

JV MATCHES:                Guaranteed 3 games to 25 (3rd game to 15), no cap.
OFFICIALS:                     Home team is responsible for supplying 2 officials (R1, R2) for varsity games
                                          Greater Seattle Volleyball Officials: 425-802-7474; assignor@gsvo.org


WARM UP TIMES:       Sub-varsity 6-6              Varsity 8-6-6   


RULES of PLAY:             National Federation Rules


SCORE REPORTING:    Both teams should report game scores on MaxPreps (talk with your AD) and to their AD so they can tweet scores on the Emerald City League webpage.


RESULTS/STANDINGS:   www.emeraldcityleague.org; http://wiaa.com/DirStandings.aspx?SPID=23

*If you see an error, please let me know so we can get it corrected


1.           Supplying a qualified official scorekeeper
2.           Supplying a qualified book person
3.           Supplying a qualified libero tracker
4.           Supplying two qualified (adult) lines people each Varsity game. Responsible students okay for JV/C.
5.           Supplying an official game ball

6.           Supplying a cart of balls to the visiting team


ALL LEAGUE PROCEDURES:    We will have 7 1st team, 7 2nd team. In addition we will vote on MVP, Coach of the Year and Rookie of the Year (1st time on varsity).



For playoff seeding purposes:  In the event of a tie going into the playoffs, places will be determined by using, in order:

1.           Head-to-head record

2.           If still tied, a comparison of records versus other teams in the league, from the top down.

3.           If still tied, a tie breaker game will be played to determine seeding.




I will confirm dates as the end of the season gets closer, but this is currently what we have on the schedule:


Friday, November 1st                                   Tie-breakers

Monday November 4th                                Game 1               ECL 6 @ ECL 3

                                                                        Game 2               ECL 5 @ ECL 4

Wednesday, November 6th                        Game 3               Winner G1 vs. ECL 2

                                                                        Game 4               Winner G2 vs. ECL 1

                                                                        Game 5               Winner G3 vs. Winner G4 (#1 and #2 seeds to Bi-Districts)

                                                                        Game 6               Losers G3 vs. Loser G4 (#3 and #4 to Bi-Districts)

Saturday, November 9th                             Bi-Districts

Fri/Sat, November 15-16th                         State Championships




Kim Eng 425-822-5668 ex. 559
              425-765-2417 cell phone


NFHS Volleyball Rules Changes - 2019

2-2-2, 2-3j (NEW), 2-4-1e(NEW), 2-4 PENALTIES 3 (NEW), 9-8-1i: When the ball strikes the cables and/or the diagonal poles used to retract ceiling suspended net systems the referee will stop play and determine if the ball was playable. The referee will signal out-of-bounds or replay.


Rationale: Establishes the cables and diagonal poles used to retract suspended net systems as restricted play and aligns officials’ treatment of a ball striking either the cables and/or the diagonal poles.


 4-2-1, 4-2-1a (NEW), 4-2-1e (NEW), 4-2-2 (NEW): Eliminates the solid-colored uniform requirements, establishes that the libero uniform must clearly contrast with his/her teammates’ uniforms and reorganizes the legal uniform rule.


Rationale: Clarifies the requirements for all legal uniforms and simplifies the requirements for the contrasting libero uniform maintaining the compliance of all currently compliant team and libero uniform jerseys.


4-2-4b: Eliminates the use of double zero (00) as a uniform number option.


Rationale: Eliminates confusion surrounding the signaling of “00” and “0”.


4-2-4c: Beginning with the 2023 season the body of the uniform number must clearly contrast with the uniform top regardless of borders. This will eliminate the allowance of borders to provide contrast between the number and the uniform number.


Rationale: Allows officials and scorers to easily identify uniform numbers.


5-5-1b; 5-6-1b; 7-1-1a; 7-1 PENALTIES 1; 7-1-2; 7-1-4; 7-1-4 PENALTIES 1, 2: Requires the second referee to collect team rosters at the prematch conference while allowing changes to be made until 10 minutes remain on the pregame clock and establishes lineups to be submitted to the second referee before each set.


Rationale: Eliminates warmup interruptions by officials requesting rosters with 10 minutes remaining on the warmup clock, allowing for a smoother warmup process for coaches, players, officials and scorers.


5-9-2a NOTE: Establishes that the line judge shall take their position and move in line with the extension of the end line when the ball is being served near the line judge’s position replacing the old technique to move directly back in line with the sideline.


Rationale: Allows the line judge to watch for foot contact with the end line and move quickly back for a view of the sideline. This is a more appropriate position and transition for line judges.


8-1-6, 8-2-5g (NEW), 8-2-6d: Establishes that the ball remains dead when tossed for serve and it touches any part of the backboard or supports hanging in a vertical position over the serving area and is an illegal serve (Signal 13) and not a service fault.


Rationale: Accurately reflects the action since the ball is not contacted for serve.