2018 Emerald City 1A League Volleyball Guidelines


Season Beginning Date:                 August 20th
Season Ending Date:                       November 9th
Minimum # of Practices:               10
Regular Season Contest Limit:     16


ONE DIVISIONs (home and away)
Division One:     Bear Creek, Bush, Eastside Prep, Forest Ridge, Northwest, Overlake, Seattle Academy, University Prep


VARSITY MATCHES:        Best 3 out of 5, rally to 25, no cap, 5th and deciding game rally to 15, no cap.

JV MATHCES:                     Guaranteed 3 games to 25 (3rd game to 15), no cap.
OFFICIALS:                          Home team is responsible for supplying 2 officials (R1, R2) for varsity games
                                              Greater Seattle Volleyball Officials: 425-802-7474; assignor@gsvo.org


WARM UP TIMES:           Varsity 5-5-5-2      JV 5-5-2


RULES of PLAY:                 National Federation Rules


SCORE REPORTING:        Both teams should report game scores on MaxPreps (talk with your AD) and to their AD so they can tweet scores on the Emerald City League webpage.


RESULTS/STANDINGS:   I will make every effort to keep our standings up to date on the Emerald City League website (www.emeraldcityleague.org). If you see an error, please let me know so I can make the correction.


1.            Supplying a qualified official scorekeeper
2.            Supplying a qualified book person
3.            Supplying a qualified libero tracker
4.            Supplying two qualified (adult) lines people each Varsity game. Responsible students okay for JV/C.
5.            Supplying an official game ball

6.            Supplying a cart of balls to the visiting team


ALL LEAGUE PROCEDURES:    We will have 7 1st team, 7 2nd team. In addition we will vote on MVP, Coach of the Year and Rookie of the Year (1st time on varsity).



For playoff seeding purposes:  In the event of a tie going into the playoffs, places will be determined by using, in order:

1.            Head-to-head record

2.            If still tied, a comparison of records versus other teams in the league, from the top down.

3.            If still tied, a tie breaker game will be played to determine seeding.



I will confirm dates as the end of the season gets closer, but this is currently what we have on the schedule:









ECL Tie Breakers




ECL Tournament 1st Round @ higher seed

G1: ECL 6 @ ECL 3

G2: ECL 5 @ ECL 4



ECL Semis and Finals

G3: WG1 @ ECL #2

G4: WG2 @ ECL #1




Highest seed hosts the Finals

WG3 vs. WG4

LG3 vs. LG4







WIAA State Championships

Yakima Sundome




Kim Eng 425-822-5668 ex. 559
               425-765-2417 cell phone


NFHS Volleyball Rules Changes - 2018

2-4-1b: A referee shall stop play when any player gains an illegal advantage by contacting any team member while playing the ball.  

Rationale: Clarifies that no team member may assist a player during an attempt to play the ball. 

5-5-3b(10) (NEW): The second referee has the responsibility to ensure that the head coach remains in the replacement zone no closer than 6 feet to the sideline, when standing during play.

Rationale: Supports the second referee’s responsibilities as outlined in the Officials Manual.

5-5-3b(13), 5-5-3b(20), 5-8-3a NOTE (NEW): When multiple courts are in use, the second referee may end a time-out or interval between sets with a long whistle in place of the timer sounding an audio signal (horn).

Rationale: Clarifies timer and second referee responsibilities during time-outs/intervals when multiple courts are in use.

9-8-2 EXCEPTION (NEW), 11-4-1b (NEW): When a replay is signaled due to an injury/illness and the injured/ill player cannot continue play, the head coach may request a substitute or complete a legal libero replacement for the injured/ill player or take a team time-out(s) if the team has remaining time-outs.

Rationale: Clarifies the procedures for a replay due to an injured/ill player and adds the option of a legal libero replacement.

10-2 PENALTIES 2: After a team is charged with an unnecessary delay, the coach may request no further substitutions until the next completed rally.

Rationale: Eliminates further delay of the set by removing the option to request additional substitutions after a team is charged with an unnecessary delay. 

11-5-3 (NEW): Between sets, teams may warm up in their playing area, but may not hit volleyballs over the net into the opponents playing area.

Rationale: Establishes parameters for warming up between sets that minimize the risk of injury.

SIGNAL #21: To signal unnecessary delay, raise the hand on the side of the offending team beside     head, palm facing shoulder, hold the appropriate card on the wrist of the raised hand.

Rationale: Simplifies mechanics for unnecessary delay signal and clarifies side at fault.