Fall 2018 Emerald City League High School Boys Ultimate Guidelines


All games will be played in accordance with WIAA regulations except as noted below.


Season Dates: August 20-November 3

Seattle Invite: October 6-7

League schedule last day: October 18

Tie-breaker (if needed): October 19

ECL Tournament, 1st Round (#4 at #1, #3 at #2): October 22

ECL Championship (Winners from 10/22 play at higher seed): October 24

State Quarterfinals: October 30 at home of higher seed (field must be regulation size and in appropriate condition)

State Semifinals: October 31 (6:00pm/8:00pm)

State Finals: November 3 (7:30pm)


Minimum Practice Days per Individual: 10


Regular Season Contest Limit: 16 + Jamboree + Invitational Tourney


The league is sanctioned through DiscNW, and registration and rostering is done through DiscNW for all players for JV/varsity league, DiscNW State, the JV Jamboree, and the Seattle Invite.


League Champion and League Standings

The top-ranked team at the end of the regular-season league schedule shall be declared League Champion. The league tie-breaker policy (compare head-to-head league record, if still tied compare league record vs. opponents from the top of the standings downward) will be used to break ties. If teams are tied for 1st at the end of the regular season a tie-breaker game will be played to determined League Champion and post-season seeding.


Reporting Scores

Coaches are responsible to report game scores to their AD after each game. Each AD will then tweet game scores, which will be visible along with online league standings. DiscNW also has a separate score reporting mechanism that your AD will provide you.


State Tournament

Bracket to be determined and announced by DiscNW.


Player Eligibility

Players are subject to the same WIAA eligibility rules as other ECL sports.


Rule Book

USA Ultimate 11th Edition, with the “Contact” rule and 20-yard end zones. Exceptions may be agreed upon by competing schools for safety (see below under Safety and Coach Communication).



Players are responsible for their own foul and line calls. Players resolve their own disputes. If asked, coaches can help with clarification of rules, but may not make calls. If both schools agree, observers may be used, if available.


Out of Season Play

Students may not participate in more than one season of school-sponsored ultimate per calendar school year, aside from the summer. ECL schools will not support boys' teams or boys' playing opportunities outside of the fall season, with the exception of summer. ECL schools will not support girls' team or girls' playing opportunities outside of the spring season, with the exception of summer. Summer play is allowed after the final spring tournament concludes, until July 31, as per WIAA rules. School-sponsored mixed play is only allowed for Friday, Saturday, Sunday of Spring Reign. Spring Reign disclaimer: Spring Reign, the coed tournament held in the spring season, requires all participants on a team to attend one school, but it doesn’t require the team to be an official school team.


Out of Season Coaching

It is not considered out-of-season coaching for coaches who coach select or work at camps provided the participation guidelines are open to all interested players regardless of school affiliation. This is one main difference from WIAA rules. Quite simply, the coaching pool is not considered big enough to find qualified coaches who don’t also work camps or coach club.


Pre/Post-season Coaches’ Meetings

Preseason: information disseminated via email; no meeting

Postseason: Date/time Oct. 25th, 7pm. Location: Park Pub (6114 Phinney Ave. N)


Facility/Field Policies

Seattle Parks does not allow dogs on the fields. Please communicate this to parents and enforce it at games to ensure our future field access is not jeopardized. Seattle Parks also does not allow food or sports drinks on artificial turf fields.


Safety and Coach Communication

Coaches should carry guidelines and greet each other before the game and make sure the field is safe and playing conditions are safe.


For games on adjacent fields, keep the common sideline space clear of coaches/players/spectators to avoid possible blind-side collisions.

No goals, bicycles, or other dangerous obstacles should be within 10 feet of the field. Remind players and spectators to stay back from sidelines and to keep gear well back from sidelines so players can throw without worry of hitting sideline players/spectators/gear and to provide safety for on-field players near sidelines.

If soccer goals are not movable use cones to shorten up the end zone to make it safe.

If there is lightning, get to safe shelter and don’t restart the game until 30 minutes after last lightning sighting.

Err on the side of safety when in doubt.

Coaches should bring scrimmage vests in case both teams have the same color jerseys.

Coaches should carry a copy of the field permits to ensure field access.


Game Rules

A game is played until one team first reaches or exceeds 13 goals with a margin of at least two goals, or until a cap is reached. There will be a hard cap at 80 minutes. Games will be over at 90 minutes. Coaches will coordinate to establish an official timepiece before the game that will signal 80- and 90-minute marks.


For regular-season league games, if the score is tied at the 90-minute mark the game will continue until either a) each team has turned the disc over once, or b) one team has scored. In the case of each team turning the disc over once, the game will end in a tie.


Game and warm-up time frames are 120 minute blocks. 30 minutes should be used for warm-ups and 90 minutes for the games.


Each team has three timeouts per game (Note: All three may be used in the same half).


Time between goals: 70 seconds for the receiving team to signal readiness and 90 seconds for the pulling team to release the pull, as per Official Rules of Ultimate 11th Edition.


Halftime (no more than 5 minutes) can be taken if coaches agree. Teams with smaller numbers should be given the choice about halftime. 


Spirit of the Game (as quoted from the Official Rules of Ultimate 11th Edition)

Ultimate relies upon a spirit of sportsmanship that places the responsibility for fair play on the player. Highly competitive play is encouraged, but never at the expense of mutual respect among competitors, adherence to the agreed upon rules, or the basic joy of play. Protection of these vital elements serves to eliminate unsportsmanlike conduct from the Ultimate field. Such actions as taunting opposing players, dangerous aggression, belligerent intimidation, intentional infractions, or other “win-at-all-costs” behavior are contrary to the spirit of the game and must be avoided by all players.


Blowout Policy

Though shut-outs and lopsided scores occur with some frequency in the game of ultimate, teams with large leads should take respectful measures, such as using non-starters in place of starters, when managing such leads. After games with lopsided scores coaches should check in with each other and school AD’s should communicate if there are any issues.  


Boys’ Emerald City League High School Ultimate Guidelines (updated 8/19/18)

League Coordinator – Britt Atack