Regular Season Meets

All league schools are invited, but not required to attend all three, league all-comers meets.   Registration for all league meets will be done on www.atheltic.net at least 1 day prior to the meet (host school may request more lead time for entries). Schools should make their best efforts to attend league meets, should you be unable to participate a given meet, contact the host schools at least one week in advance.


2018 Meet Schedule

3/21 – ECL/Nisqually Joint Meet – WS Stadium – hosted by Nisqually League

3/28 – ECL Meet West Seattle

5/4   – ECL/Nisqually Joint Meet –WS Stadium – hosted by ECL

5/9 --   WS Stadium – ECL Championships

5/10 – WS Stadium – ECL Championships



School assignments


·         Seattle Academy– Seed meet, staging the Start and coordinating the Finish Line –including timing and results.

·         SAAS – Pole Vault

·         Bush – High Jump

·         University Prep -  Long Jump/ Triple Jump

·         Eastside Prep - Shot

·         Northwest – Javelin

·         Bear Creek – Discus

·         Annie Wright to assist with relay exchanges


Team Rosters

Emerald City League athletes qualify from League to the Bi-District Meet, and from there on to State. According to WIAA regulations (18.5.1), students must have been eligible for at least 50% of the season to participate in the post season  To insure a level playing field, ALL COACHES are asked to send a roster of eligible athletes to the league coordinator (Cathy Schick, cschick@seattleacademy.org) by April 16th.  The list should include all athletes who have achieved eligibility by that point. 




League Championship

The League Championship Meet will be held Wednesday, May 9th and Thursday, May 10th at West Seattle Stadium. Allocations from League to Bi-District are the top 3 athletes from the ECL Championships, plus the next 10 best times (from districts 1 and 2).  If either district has 6 or fewer athletes competing in an event at their league meet, that event will only get 2 entries into the Bi-District meet.



·         The League Meet is both a qualifier for district and a League Team Championship. Points will be awarded to the top 6-8 places (depending upon the number of teams competing according to NFHS rules), and total team points will determine the Team League Champions.


·         Meet records will be kept and updated for the League Championship Meet; however, League Records can be set at any meet throughout the year.  A distinction will be made between hand and Fully Automated Timing.  No marks achieved prior to the beginning of competition in the 2007 Spring WIAA season will be considered. Send Erin Aitchison (eaitchison@seattleacademy.org) any marks that set a league record.




Allocations from Bi-Districts to State, 4 for boys and 4 for girls. Bi-District Meet will be: Thursday May 17th, and Saturday May 19th, at Kings. Field event and distance finals will be spread over those two days, while events in lanes will hold prelims on Thursday and finals on Saturday.


Declarations for State

After the qualifying process has begun at the District level, an athlete must make an honest effort to qualify in each event in which he/she has qualified. Withdrawal from one event necessitates withdrawal from all.  Once qualified questions or disputes should be directed to the meet manager, who may choose to involve the Games Committee.  Exception - athletes participating in a relay may be replaced by one of the two substitutes without penalty.  The last opportunity to scratch an athlete without penalty is at the coaches’ scratch meeting prior to the Bi-District meet.



The seeding and lane assignments for the League and Bi-District meets are done according to National Federation Guidelines.



Scoring is done according to National Federation Guidelines.  Please note the variance according to the # of teams entered in the meet.



Entry Deadlines

Please be considerate of Seattle Academy by meeting the entry deadline. It’s the meet manager’s discretion as to whether or not to accept late entries.  Meet managers will attempt to get the results out as quickly as possible, but be prepared to keep your own records, particularly at regular season League Meets. The meet manager may just record those athletes who score -



2018 League All-Stars

Athletes attain the status of League All - Stars by meeting the attached marks/ standards (at any meet), winning an event at the League Championships, or competing at the State Meet. Standards set according to Fully Automatic Timing – if using hand times add .24 to each time to determine the official time.


EVENT                      GIRLS            BOYS

100                             13.2                11.6

200                             27.2                23.5

400                             1:05                53.5

800                             2:28                2:05

1600                           5:30                4:45

3200                           12:00              10:25

100H                          17.0                15.0

300 h                          51.0                44.0

4x100 Relay              54.0                46.0

4x200 Relay              1:50               

4x400 Relay              4:25                3:40

Shot                            31’                   41’

Discus                        95’                   125’

Javelin                       92’                   140’

Long Jump                15’5                19’6

Triple Jump               32’0                40’

High Jump                 4’8                   5’7

Pole Vault                 7’6                   10’6



Major Rule Changes and Additional Governing Rules/Guidelines

Check the National Federation rulebook and attend required preseason meetings.



Track & Field Meet Reporting

Results will be posted on www.athletic.net



League Championship Meet (May 9th & 10th @ West Seattle Stadium):



Entries:         Should be made on athletic.net, and entry marks must have been posted on athletic.net prior to entry for the league meet.


Qualifying:    An athlete must have competed in an event (and have posted a time or distance) in order to be entered in the league meet in that event.  An athlete must have participated in a meet during the season in order to be on a relay.


Heats:            Heats will be set up fast to slow.  The fastest 8 entries will be in the first heat.


Relays:          In the relay events 6 entries may be listed.  Any 4 may compete and only those from the list. A final relay declaration is due prior to the commencement of the Coaches Meeting at the District Meet, but it is the coaches responsibility to turn in a revised relay declaration form if there are changes after the League Meet.


Meet Manager:                    Cathy Schick             Seattle Academy

Meet Marshall:                    

Games Committee:            John Ganz                 Bush

                                                Kayla Robertson      University Prep

                                                Erin Aitchison           Seattle Academy                 

*If a protest comes from a school above, Allen Wood - Northwest will substitute for that coach.


Meet Procedure:    

1.   National Federation Rules will govern the meet, unless superseded by State Rules.


2.   Problems that arise during the meet will be handled by the Meet Manager. 

If a protest is submitted the Games Committee will address the protest.  An appeal must be submitted in writing, to the Meet Manager, within 30 minutes of the alleged infraction.  Decision of the Games Committee will be final.


3.   Calls for the Running Events will be over the PA system.  “1st Call” will be 15 minutes before the start of the event, “2nd Call” will be 10 min. before and “3rd and Final Call” will be 5 minutes before.  By the “2nd Call” participants should be in the Marshaling Area.


4.   The Marshaling Area will be in a tent close to the main start-finish line.


5.   Contestants will remain in their lane upon completion of their race.


6.   The finishing area is only for officials.  Please advise athletes, parents and coaches to keep behind the roped off area.


7.   The Field Event participants will check in with the field event official. 


8.   The field events will compete in flights of 8-12 competitors (except the HJ/PV).  Each competitor will be given 3 attempts in the prelims.  The 8 competitors with the best marks will advance to the finals where they will be allowed 3 additional attempts.  The final competitors will compete in reverse order with the best prelim mark competing last.

High Jump:  Girls will start at 3’8 and rise 2” until 5’ and rise 1” thereafter.

                        Boys will start at 4’8 and rise 2” until 6’ and rise 1” thereafter.

High Jumpers will compete in flights of four or more until the field is reduced to six or less.  The remaining competitors will continue in one flight.  The bar will never be lowered except for a jump-off for 1st place.

Pole Vault:    Girls will start at 5’6 and rise 6” until 9’ and rise 3” thereafter.

                        Boys will start at 7’0 and rise 6” until 12’ and rise 3” thereafter.


Javelin:          Will be thrown off of paved runway if conditions warrant.


The running events will take precedence over the field events.  Runners check out with the field events official and return to the field event in a timely fashion.

Uniforms:  Contestants shall wear only school issued uniforms.  Any visible apparel worn under a competitor shorts or singlet must be of one solid color.  A relay team member may wear any solid color apparel under their uniform.   If 2 or more team members wear apparel under their uniforms it must be of the same color.  In the Marshaling  Area the athletes will be checked so all participants are legal and problems are prevented. 


Spikes:  Only 1/4” or less spikes are allowed on track and runways.


Awards:  Upon completion of the events on Friday the awards will be presented on the infield.  Advise your athletes to stay in the area.


Scoring:  Girls: 8-6-4-3-2-1 (7 teams)     Boys: 10-8-6-4-2-1 (6 teams)


Bi-District:  To be held at King’s on Thursday/Saturday, May 17th & 19th, 2018.


Coaches Meeting: 

A coaches meeting will take place at 12:10 prior to the start of the ECL Championship meet.  All scratches need to be made at this time. If you are unable to make this meeting, scratches can be emailed to Erin prior to 12:10.  There will be an additional scratch meeting at the end of the ECL Championships to make any necessary scratches for the Bi-District meet.


School Responsibilities:

Each school is responsible for running the following events:


·         Seattle Academy– Seed meet, staging the Start and coordinating the Finish Line –including timing and results.

·         SAAS – Pole Vault

·         Bush – High Jump

·         University Prep -  Long Jump/ Triple Jump

·         Eastside Prep - Shot

·         Northwest – Javelin

·         Bear Creek – Discus

·         Annie Wright to assist with relay exchanges


These responsibilities are for Wednesday and Friday.   At least 2 adults are required with any other necessary helpers.


Relays:          4x100             1st exchange             Eastside, Bush

                                                2nd exchange             Seattle Academy, Northwest

                                                3rd exchange             Annie Wright, University Prep

                        4x200             1st exchange             Seattle Academy, Northwest

                                                2nd exchange             University Prep, Bush                                                         4x400                                                 Seattle Academy, University Prep









       Emerald City League



May 9th & 10th, 2018




Wednesday, May 9th:


Coaches/Scratch Mtg: 12:10


Running Events


1:00                  Girls                 1600m Run

1:10                  Boys                3200m Run


Field Event Finals


12:30                Boys                Triple Jump

12:30                Girls                 Long Jump

12:30                Girls                  Vault followed by Boys

12:30                Boys                  Discus

12:30                Girls                  Shot Put


Thursday, May 10th:


Running Events


                                    2:00                  Girls                  800m Relay

                                     2:10                  Boys                110m High Hurdles

                                     2:20                  Girls                 100m High Hurdles

                                     2:30                  Boys                100m Dash

                                    2:40                  Girls                 100m Dash

                                    2:50                  Girls                 3200m Run

                                    3:10                  Boys                  400m Relay

                                    3:20                  Girls                 400m Relay

                                    3:30                  Boys                400m Dash

                                    3:40                  Girls                  400m Dash

                                    3:50                  Boys                300m Int. Hurdles

                                    4:00                  Girls                 300m Low Hurdles

                                    4:10                  Boys                800m Run

                                    4:20                  Girls                 800m Run

                                    4:30                  Boys                  200m Dash

                                    4:40                  Girls                 200m Dash

                                       4:50                 Boys                1600m Run

                                    5:00                  Girls                 1600m Relay

                                    5:10                  Boys                1600m Relay


Field Event Finals                     

                                    1:30                  Boys                  Shot Put

                                    1:30                  Boys                Long Jump

                                    1:30                  Girls                 Triple Jump

                                    1:30                  Girls                  Discus

                                    1:30                  Boys                High Jump followed by Girls

                                    1:30                  Boys                Javelin followed by Girls