Emerald City League Tie Break Procedure (All Sports)

1.     Head to Head Record

2.     Top Down (*please see below for clarification)

3.     Play Game (except in Basketball. In Basketball use RPI - higher RPI wins tiebreaker)

“Top Down” Example

      Team #1            9-1

      Team #2            8-2

      Team #3            5-5

      Team #4            5-5

      Team #5            3-7

      Team #6            0-10

Example: Team #3 and Team #4 have the same record and they split head to head. 

How did each do against Team #1?  If they both went 0-2…

 How did they do against Team #2? 

If Team #3 went 0-2, but Team #4 went 1-1, Team #4 wins the tie break. 


ECL Three Way Tiebreaker

If three teams have identical league records and the regular league tiebreaker cannot break the tie(s), the following procedure shall be used:

*Round Robin format whereby each team plays one mini game (the length of which shall be determined by the sport coordinator and the league president) against the other two teams - total games played is three.
Each team would host one game.
Games can be played in one day or over multiple days.

*First tiebreak is win-loss within the round robin tournament 2-0, 1-1, 0-2.
*Second tiebreak is points allowed total.

All games shall be played within applicable league guidelines, WIAA, NFHS, etc.

If a mini game is tied after the time expires, the following should be used:
Soccer - Minimal overtime period(s) (“Golden Goal”), followed by a shootout.
Volleyball - The match is played to completion (one team wins).
Basketball - Minimal overtime period(s) until completion.
Baseball – Extra innings completion.
Softball - Extra innings until completion.

When proposing venues to host league tie-breakers, sport coordinators should consider facilities which do not have restrictive time limits (if at all possible). 
The League President should grant final approval.