Emerald City League Tie Break Procedure (All Sports)

1.     Head to Head Record

2.     Top Down (*please see below for clarification)

3.     Play Game (except in Basketball. In Basketball use RPI - higher RPI wins tiebreaker)

“Top Down” Example

      Team #1            9-1

      Team #2            8-2

      Team #3            5-5

      Team #4            5-5

      Team #5            3-7

      Team #6            0-10

Example: Team #3 and Team #4 have the same record and they split head to head. 

How did each do against Team #1?  If they both went 0-2…

 How did they do against Team #2? 

If Team #3 went 0-2, but Team #4 went 1-1, Team #4 wins the tie break. 


ECL Three Way Tiebreaker (Except for Basketball, where RPI will be used)

If three teams have identical league records and the regular league tiebreaker cannot break the tie(s), the following procedure shall be used:

*Round Robin format whereby each team plays one mini game (the length of which shall be determined by the sport coordinator and the league president) against the other two teams - total games played is three.
Each team would host one game.
Games can be played in one day or over multiple days.

*First tiebreak is win-loss within the round robin tournament 2-0, 1-1, 0-2.
*Second tiebreak is points allowed total.

All games shall be played within applicable league guidelines, WIAA, NFHS, etc.

If a mini game is tied after the time expires, the following should be used:
Soccer - Minimal overtime period(s) (“Golden Goal”), followed by a shootout.
Volleyball - The match is played to completion (one team wins).
Basketball - Minimal overtime period(s) until completion.
Baseball – Extra innings completion.
Softball - Extra innings until completion.

When proposing venues to host league tie-breakers, sport coordinators should consider facilities which do not have restrictive time limits (if at all possible). 
The League President should grant final approval.