*The rules of the USTA will be used.

*All schools are limited to a maximum of 16 matches and 1 jamboree.

*Each school shall be represented by a varsity team no less than 8 boys .

*Refer to the WIAA rules regarding illegal corporate sponsorships of players.

Teams – Bear Creek, Bush, Coupeville, Eastside Prep, Overlake, Seattle Academy, University Prep, and South Whidbey 

Season Participation

*A varsity contest shall consist of 2 singles matches and 3 doubles matches.

* Schools must rank and play their singles and doubles teams in order of their ability. The #1 player may play #1 singles or #1 doubles.  The remaining line up may be played in any order. A player can only play one event per match. It is recommended that a ladder and challenge system be used to rank players and doubles teams.

*The order of play shall be singles followed by doubles, unless mutually agreed upon by the coaches.

*All practices shall begin on the first day of fall (August 26th ) with a minimum of 10 required practices before playing in the first match. 

Postponed Matches

*Matches may be postponed for inclement weather or unplayable court conditions.  The home team has the responsibility of making the decision prior and must notify the Athletic Director of the visiting team no later than 12:00 noon on the day of the match.

*If a match in progress is postponed due to weather conditions, play shall resume at the point the match was halted.

*Every effort MUST be made to make up rained out matches.  It is imperative that every effort is made to make up and play league matches.  This may mean that you will have to give up a non-league match or play on Saturdays.

*Once the players start playing (after warming up) the match has begun and the rescheduled match must use the same line-up

Match Regulations

*Before the match, the coach of the home team should review the rules and court etiquette.  For example, the coach should go over the 10 minute warm up, the need to call the score out, foot faults and profanity. The court assignments must be made and both teams must also exchange their line-ups.

*Players are allowed 10 minutes to warm up.  Players must also warm-up their serves within those 10 minutes.


*Play should be continuous from the first serve until the match is concluded.  The Head Coach (ONLY) will be allowed to coach one extra time PER SET for each player in addition to the end of the sets as long as it does not extend the normal break (90 seconds) during change overs.  Coaches may also talk to their players between sets. At the conclusion of the 2nd set, players are allowed up to a 10 minute rest.  Only the coaches are allowed to talk to the players.

*Players will change sides of the court when the games total an odd score.  One minute is allowed for court changes.

*During match play the only people allowed inside the fence are the coaches.

*The serving player must call the score to his/her opponent prior to the serve.  If there is a discrepancy in the score during a game, the players must return to a mutually agreed upon score and continue from that point.

*League matches consist of 2 out of 3 sets.  No add scoring and a 12 point tie breaker shall be used.  The coaches may decide to play pro sets due to questionable weather conditions.  This must be agreed upon before the match starts.

* A full league match will consist of:  #1 Singles, #2 Singles, #1 Doubles, #2 Doubles and #3 Doubles

*The JV matches will be determined by how many players are involved, court availability and time.  The coaches will communicate before the match starts, preferably 24 hours before the match. Every effort should be made to make the JV match as similar to the varsity format as possible.

*The home team will supply high quality balls for match play.  (Penn or Wilson are suggested)

*The home team will supply score cards for their home matches and request players to use them during matches.

Penalties and Protests

*Violations of the tennis rules and regulations shall be considered jointly by both coaches, who shall agree upon an appropriate penalty or action depending on the violation.  If the coaches cannot agree, a written protest may be filed if the opposing coach is notified of the intent at the time of the protest or disagreement.

*The following are causes for penalties

1)  Inappropriate attire

2)  Refusal to start match on time

3)  No cell phones on the court

4)  Demonstration of poor sportsmanship (throwing an object or the use of profanity)

5) Excessive contacts made by coaches during match

The point penalty system will be in effect (Point, Set, Match)


*All participants must dress in appropriate tennis attire which is befitting to the school’s team uniform.

Substitution for a Rated Player

*Substitution for a rated player is normally made by moving up all the players below the missing player.   In cases of emergencies such as illness, injury or disqualification which occurs the day of the match a coach has the option of inserting a non-rated player.  Players becoming ill, injured or disqualified and are not able to continue the match, must default that match.

League Champion

*The league champion will be determined by the team with the best league record.  If a tie occurs, the tie-breaker will be determined by the ECL tie-breaker rule (on ECL website)..

Meetings Dates

Boys Postseason Seeding Meeting – Wednesday October 16th  – 7pm @ U Prep

League/Bi District Tournament 

Boys –Saturday, October 19th and Monday, October  21st   at Sammamish High School ( 8 outdoor courts) 

*D1/D2 will receive THREE allocations for singles and doubles to advance to the State Tournament in May. 


Top four finishers in doubles and singles will be considered All League

State – Boys

May 29th and May 30th  @ Yakima Tennis Club. (Reminder this year it is Memorial Day)

Coaches Directory/Match Locations

*A directory will be compiled and sent out at the beginning of the season.

Tennis Coordinator

Rebecca Moe Director of Athletics

University Prep 

Office 206-832-1124


Reporting Results

The home team is responsible for tweeting the official results for each match.  

League standing can be found on the Emerald City League website. www.emeraldcityleague.org

League Coordinator rmoe@universityprep.org

Twitter - @eclboystennis