Sea King 1A/2B League Softball Guidelines

One Division:  
   Forest Ridge

Game Times:  Home Team Decides

Fields: Use the best possible facility.
   Please make opposing coaches aware of field time limits.

National Federation of State High School Associations

Home team provides two games balls
Run Rules:
1) The ten-run rule will be in effect after five (5) complete innings have been played.
2)  The 15 run rule will be in effect after three (3) complete innings have been played.

Pitching Distance is 43 feet.
Tie-break procedure – The NFHS tie breaker procedure will be implemented after eight (8) full innings have been played. Each subsequent half-inning begins by placing a runner on second base.  That runner is the player in the batting order who precedes the lead-off batter in that inning. Then the game proceeds a full inning or until a winner is determined in that inning.

Minimum Number of Practice Days per individual:  

Regular Season Contest Limit: 
20 games + 1 jamboree


Length of Game: 
A game shall be seven innings in length unless extended because of a tie score or unless shortened because the run rule, or the home teams needs none of its half of the seventh inning or only a fraction of it, or because of weather or similar conditions.

All League Procedures: 
Nominations:  See all-league section on league website
Coaches will meet to vote for all league team at the conclusion of the season
Coaches will also vote for League MVP, Rookie of the Year,

Phone Numbers of Newspaper:
Seattle Times:
206-464-2276 (phone); 206-464-3255 (fax);

Seattle Metro Softball Umpires Association:   
Pam Schneider
Assignor & Treasurer, SMSUA
   ** Games will not be played if umpire does not show up.

League Champions: 
1st place team from the regular season will be declared league champions, and may have trophies and/or banners declaring themselves as such.

Game Management:  
Home team will serve as official scorer and will call in results
    Line Up cards should be filled out clearly with first and last names

Rain Outs:  
Game cancellations are made by the home team by 1:00pm
   Games are rescheduled by Athletic Directors on the next available date
   All League games will have priority over non-leagues games.
In addition, reschedule priority is: 1) league in classification; 2) league 2B vs. 1A;  3) non-league game (may be dropped to facilitate league contests).

Kim Eng, Forest Ridge (425) 641-0700