2018-19 Emerald City League 1A Boys Soccer Guidelines



Northwest School: Hamza Haddadi; Hamza.haddadi@northwestschool.org

The Bush School: Marcelino Dumpit; Marcelino.Dumpit@bush.edu

Seattle Academy: Brooks Hopp; bhopp@seattleacademy.org

Overlake: Scott Lane; scott_lane21@msn.com

Bear Creek: Chad Pohlman; Chad.Pohlman@tbcs.org

UPrep: Alec Duxbury; aduxbury@universityprep.org

Eastside Prep: Steve Fassino; sfassino@eastsideprep.org


  • Participating Schools: Northwest, Bush, Seattle Academy, Overlake, Bear Creek, UPrep, Eastside Prep

  • Regular Season:

    • One division. Play each team twice for the league schedule.

      • Top ranked team at the end of the regular season is ECL Champion.

  • ECL Tournament to determine seeding for Bi-district Tournament:

    • 3v6 - winner is ECL #3

    • 4v5 - winner is ECL #4

    • 1v2 - winner is ECL #1, loser is ECL #2


  • Monday, February 25 - season start date

  • Tuesday, April 30 - last league games

  • Thursday, May 2 - tie breaker games at neutral field (only if needed)

    • If same teams are involved, tie breaker games will be utilized to both break the tie and to determine the outcome of the 4v5 and/or 1v2 games.  These games (if applicable) may be played on Friday, May 3.

  • Saturday, May 4 - ECL Tournament (home of the higher seed):

    • Outcome of these games determine seeding for Bi-district Tournament

    • If tie breaker games are not needed, tournament games may be scheduled on Friday, May 3

      • 3v6 - winner is ECL #3

      • 4v5 - winner is ECL #4

      • 1v2 - winner is ECL #1, loser is ECL #2

  • May 7 (@ higher seed), May 9 & May 11 (@ Sultan HS) – Bi-District Tournament

  • May 13-15 - State Championships, Round of 16

  • May 17-8 - State Championships, Quarterfinals

  • May 24 & 25 – State Championships, Semifinals and Finals, Sunset Chev Stadium, Sumner

  • Sunday, May 25 – Season End Date

  • ECL Boys Soccer Post Season Meeting - date, time & location TBD

    • Each school must send a representative to the meeting

    • An All-league voting message will be sent out leading up to the meeting.




  • Starting this school year all coaches (including assistant coaches, JV coaches and volunteer coaches) are required to complete the WIAA Courses.  Be sure to complete them prior to your first scheduled game (check with your AD for more details.


  • The top ranked team at the end of the regular season shall be declared ECL Champion, and may have trophies and/or banners made declaring themselves as such.  


  • Outcome of the ECL Tournament will determine seeding for the Bi-district Tournament.

  • The higher seed will be the home team and will wear light jerseys.  The lower seed will be the away team and will wear dark jerseys.

  • The home team shall supply three game balls (one behind each goal in addition to the ball in play)

  • The home team is responsible for booking officials (full three-person crews)

  • For Bi-Districts:

    • The home team is responsible for the field and may host the game at their home site if the field is of regulation size and condition (determined with input from the District 2 Executive Director, both schools’ athletic directors, and league soccer coordinator)


  • The duration of each game shall be two periods of 40 minutes.

  • Take into account the effect of Daylight Savings Time on late season matches. 10 minutes of grace period may be allowed for late starts. 7 players must be on the field to start the match.

  • If conditions make it impossible to finish any game, the head referee shall declare it a completed game if one complete half or more of the game has been played. The score at the time of the suspension of play will be the final score, ties included.

    • If less than one half of the game has been played it will be considered a suspended game.  This game shall be resumed at the point of suspension on the next available date for both teams. The host athletic director will arrange the time for the resumption of the suspended game after consultation with the athletic director of the participating school. If the athletic directors are unable to reschedule the match, the league advisory to determine what action to take.

    • Yellow and/or red cards will carry over to the rescheduled match


  • Please confirm with each opponent: officials and game details (location and kick-off time) the week before each game, and if possible again on game day.


  • Standings are determined by a point system – 3 points for a win, 1 for a tie.

  • Non-league games have no impact on the league standings.  This includes “friendly matches” between league schools that are played in addition to the official league schedule.

  • If make up games are needed, be sure to schedule them prior to the date reserved for the ECL tie-breaker.


  • In the event of a tie going into the ECL Tournament, final standings will be determined using, in order:

    1. Head-to-head record.

    2. If still tied, a comparison of records versus other teams in the league, from the top down.

    3. If still tied, a tiebreaker game will be played to determine seeding.


  • A combination of NFHS and FIFA rules will apply, EXCEPT for overtime indicated below. NFHS rules and WIAA rules will apply for game management; FIFA rules will apply during the contest. (See Modifications to FIFA Laws).

  • For regular season games:

    • At the end of regulation time and there is a tie, the match is declared a tie – no overtime played.

  • For playoff games:

    • When a tie occurs at end of regulation, a two 5-minute sudden death overtime periods shall be used (golden goal – first team to score wins and the game ends)

    • If still tied at the end of two 5-minute periods, PK’s will be utilized to determine the winner.


  • Prior to each game, rosters shall be exchanged between the head coaches.

  • The rosters shall include:

  • Player names, numbers, position(s), and grade level.

  • Team’s league and overall records.

  • Coaches can then report accurate team records to media in post-game reports.


Coaches are required to report yellow/red cards to their respective athletic director. Athletic directors are responsible for updating the shared ECL Violations file to keep track of yellow/red cards and possible suspensions.

3/2/1 Yellow Card Rule

  1. If a player receives three yellow cards during the season, the player is ineligible to participate in the next scheduled match.  Following this, if a player receives two more yellow cards, the player is ineligible to participate in the next scheduled match. For each additional yellow card received, the player is obligated to sit out the next scheduled match.  

  2. When a player receives a yellow card in a game, and then a straight red card in the same game, that yellow card counts towards the cumulative total.  If this happens to be a yellow card that results in a game suspension, that player must then sit two consecutive games – one for the cumulative total of yellow cards and one for the red card (or more if the red is given for unsportsmanlike conduct).

Double Yellow Card Rule

  1. A player receiving two yellow cards in a single game will not have two yellow cards counted towards the player’s yellow card cumulative total. Because receiving two yellow cards in one game is considered an ejection, players receiving this penalty in the last scheduled regular season match are ineligible to participate in their first post-season game.

Red Card/Ejection Rule

  1. Unless given for violent conduct and/or abusive language, a player receiving a straight red card is ineligible to participate in the next scheduled match. Red cards received for violent conduct and/or abusive language are governed by the WIAA Violent Conduct/Ejection rules.

Additional Rules for Yellow/Red Cards:

  1. Suspensions carry over to the next school year’s season if they weren’t served at the conclusion of the season the suspension was received in.

  2. All red card ejections will be reviewed by the ECL Soccer Coordinator and the League Executive Committee if necessary.


  • The home team is responsible for reporting the game result to:

  • The ECL Website (through twitter)

  • Max Preps (contact your Athletic Director for details)


  • The home team is responsible for booking the officiating crews.

  • A minimum of one registered WSSRA official must officiate varsity games.  It is strongly encouraged to request a full 3-person crew. No certified officials = no match.

  • Lead Assigner: Dave Augustavo