All WIAA sport rules and guidelines should be followed in addition to any league rules.


A.      Regular Season - League Matches

1.       Purpose

Regular season matches determine the league champion and are used for individuals to qualify for the league championship tournament. The league champion is determined by points accumulated at league matches.  In the event of a tie at the end of the regular season, co-champions will be awarded. 


2.       Team

A team shall consist of between 1 and 6 golfers competing for each school in a 9-hole contest. In the event that 9 holes cannot be played, 6 holes is the required minimum for a match to be official.  If less than 6 holes are completed, the match must be re-played. 


3.       Individual Scoring

The Emerald City League girl’s matches will be 9-holes and use a Stableford scoring using the following system:

·       Eagle = 7 pts

·       Birdie = 5 pts

·       Par = 4 pts

·       Bogey = 3 pts

·       Double Bogey = 2 pts

·       Triple Bogey = 1 pt


If a player has not holed in after a possible triple bogey, they should pick their ball up and conclude the hole with no points awarded.  In the event of a pickup, the player should record an X (for a pickup). The highest individual point total of each match shall be deemed the “medalist”.


4.       League Matches

Each League match will consist of all available schools competing against each other.  There will be 5 official scoring matches and an additional 2 NL matches hosted by school members for a total of 7 matches. 


5.       Team Scoring

At the conclusion each round coaches will total the scores for each golfer on their team. The four best scores for each team are then totaled for the team score. Each team will receive points depending on how they place which will get accumulated throughout the season.  If any team scores are equal (tied) at the end of a match, then a score card playoff determines the winner: all scoring players (top 4) Stableford points will be totaled for the last hole, final 3, then final 6. Teams still tied at this point will share the points. 

1st place – 5 points

2nd place – 3 points

3rd place – 2 points

4th place – 1 point


6.       Communication

Coaches should communicate the week and day of the match to discuss numbers, tee times, dress, range, etc. At the conclusion of each match, each coach should report their team scores (and league championship qualifiers) to the following people and groups:

1.       Your Athletic Director (who in turn will tweet a score update)

2.       Chad Pohlman, ECL Golf Coordinator –

3.       Any additional local press

B.      Rules

C.       USGA. Play is governed by United States Golf Association’s “Rules of Golf” except where modified here and by local rules.

D.      Scorecards. At the start of the match each golfer shall trade their scorecard with a fellow competitor. The golfer then records the score for themselves and the fellow competitor. At the end of the round both the scorer and the fellow competitor must sign the score card. Disputes on a hole score must be settled before teeing off on the next hole.

E.       Coaching. Coaches should help with rules questions and monitor pace of play. Coaches are permitted to give golfers advice during the match as long as it is not affecting the pace of play. Coach them, don’t caddy.

F.       Spectators. Spectators are encouraged. Spectators must remain at least 20 yards from the golfers. Spectators may give encouragement but not advice. Spectators may assist in looking for a lost ball if asked by the golfer with the lost ball.

G.      Pull carts and range finders are permitted in League matches.

H.      Caddies, power golf carts, headphone, and personal stereos (iPod, etc.) are not permitted in League matches.

I.         Appropriate golf attire is required. Shorts are permitted. No denim.

J.        Cell Phones. Cell phone can be carried by the golfers but must be turned off (not just on silent or vibrate). They can only be used to call the coaches with a problem or question or in an emergency like an injury. Other uses of cell phone may result in disqualification.


K.      Golf Etiquette

Golfers should represent the ECL and their respective schools in the highest manner possible.  Proper golf etiquette should be displayed at all times.  Coaches are responsible for coaching, teaching and modeling proper etiquette to their team members.   Coaches should communicate any issues which do not reflect well upon the league with their AD. 


L.       League Champion

As long as there are at least 3 teams, a League Champion will be awarded to the team with the most team points accumulated.


M.    League Championship

The ECL Championship will take place at Bellevue Municipal Golf Course on a date in May to be announced by the start of the season.  The specific tee times will be communicated during the season. The match will be played from the Red Tees. 


1.       Purpose

The League Tournament is used to determine which individual golfers advance to the district tournament in the spring, in addition to determining a team tournament champion and All-League team (see below).


2.       Qualifying

In order to qualify for the league championship, a player must score 15 points or better in one of the six scheduled league matches or NL league match scheduled during the regular season.  Coaches should make sure to include this information when reporting scores.  Girls that qualify for the league tournament will be ranked and paired according to their league average and ladder ranking.  A tee schedule will be released at least 2 days prior to the tournament.


3.       Format

The League Tournament shall be 18 hole stroke play with no double par pickups. A tie for first place will result in the competitors playing a playoff until a winner is declared.  If it is not possible to play off (due to course, weather, light etc…), the tie(s) will be decided by a card playoff.  All other ties will be broken using a card playoff using hole 18 first, followed by the final 3 holes, 6 holes, 9 holes, etc… until a winner is declared. 


4.       Inclement Weather and Tournament postponement

In the event of inclement weather, the tournament manager along with the other participating ECL Athletic directors will decide the proper course of action.  Possible outcomes may include, but are not limited to a stoppage of play, match suspension, match cancellation, etc…  In the event that the match needs to be replayed on a different day, the same committee will choose the day and time that works best for all teams. 


5.       Tournament Champion

A Tournament Champion (team) will be declared at the end of the match using a playoff scoring system determined once we know how many girls are playing.  Ties will be resolved by sharing the points in the places affected. 

Ties for Individual Medalist Awards and final qualifying spots

In the event of a tie for 1st place medalist honors, and/or the final qualifying spot, there will be a playoff. Team points will be awarded prior to the playoff utilizing the sharing system defined above. The playoff will be a "sudden death" and additional holes will be played until the tie or ties are broken. The tournament manager will appoint a neutral person to officially accompany the playoff contestants. This person could be a coach not associated with the school of the players. The tournament manager will determine which holes are to be played in the event a playoff is necessary.  If it is not possible to play off (due to course, weather, light etc…), the tie(s) will be decided by a card playoff using hole 18 first, followed by the final 3 holes, 6 holes, 9 holes, etc… until a winner is declared.  Ties for alternate spots will be decided using the same card playoff described above.  

6.       Rules

The League Match Rules apply to the League Tournament with the following exceptions.

a.       GPS devices (or anything displaying anything other than yardage) are prohibited.

b.       Spectators may only talk with the golfers between holing out on the ninth hole and teeing off on the tenth hole. Spectators must remain on the cart paths. Spectators may assist in looking for a lost ball if asked by the golfer with the lost ball.


N.      All-League Honors

The league tournament will be used to determine the All-League selections.  25% of the total number of league golfers (max of 6 per school) will be awarded All-League Honors.   We will only award a first team all-league unless the number of all league participants reaches 9 or more.