Current Emerald City 1A League Basketball Guidelines (Revised 10/15/19)

Game Information

All games will be played in accordance to N.F.H.S and W.I.A.A. regulations.

Minimum Practice Days: 10 (8 for Jamoree)

Regular Season Contest Limit: 20 + 1 jamboree

Home Team Responsibilities

The home team must provide capable table personnel, preferably adults.  There must be a space at the table for the visitor’s scorekeeper. Court sizes must meet minimum N.F.H.S. requirements.  Coaching box markings should be visible, use tape if necessary.  There must be an “X” on the floor at the table where players check into the game. Three officials are required for varsity games. The home team has the responsibility to inform opponents of special situations related to locker rooms, player introductions, table management, team prayers, parking, etc. In addition, all referee requests are the responsibility of the home team.

The home team will decide which ball (Baden, Spalding, or other) will be the Game Ball. Must be NFHS approved. 

Make Up Games

Games cancelled due to weather need to be rescheduled on the next available date, but not creating three games in a three day stretch unless no other possible days are available. 

Senior Nights

If your school is hosting a senior night before the actual game, it must be 10 minutes or less. If you expect to possibly be over that limit, please consider post game for the ceremony. 

Swing Players

Players who played in the Junior Varsity game prior to the Varsity game (or split over two nights), must have their quarters totaled and entered into the Varsity scorebook by the Junior Varsity coach prior to the start of the Varsity game. Quarters cannot exceed five between the JV and Varsity games for any swing player.

Game Operations/PA Statement

It is the responsibility of the home team to:

1.      Announce starting lineups for each team. Required is the name and number of each player, recommended is adding the grade and height (if possible).

2.      In accordance with the Sea-King District 2's "Respect the Game" program, each home school is expected to either publish in the program or read the following statement prior to the game as well:

"Welcome to tonight's Emerald City League contest. Please respect all athletes, coaches, officials, and fans.  In doing so, we ask that you cheer for your team rather than against your opponent. Let's have a great game."


Contact PNBOA with your game schedules as soon as possible. 

Blow Out Policy

Coaches are expected to utilize game strategies which will limit the winning margin when it is evident by the score and the relative caliber of play that their opponent may be excessively defeated.

League Postseason Coaches’ Meeting & All-League Voting Procedures

Coaches will meet to discuss vote for all-league players as well as Team Sportsmanship, Rookie-of-the-Year, and Coach-of-the-Year. Prior to this meeting, coaches will be allowed to nominate an unlimited number of players for all-league teams. This list should first be sent to their ADs for approval. Coaches will vote at the meeting and announcements to the media will be made 24-48 hours after.

Sportsmanship & All League Voting

The Emerald City League emphasizes sportsmanship throughout competition.

The Athletic Director is responsible for reporting all technical fouls to the league president within one week of occurrence. 

A summary of all technical fouls will be distributed to each coach prior to all-league voting.

Any ejection for sportsmanship reasons (as decided by the league president and sport coordinator) disqualifies that player for all-league honors.

If a coach receives two or more technical fouls for sportsmanship, that coach is not eligible for coach-of-the-year, nor is his/her team eligible for the team sportsmanship award.


Game Reporting

To Comply with RPI: As soon as you have your rosters and schedules completed, send them to MaxPreps.

Please communicate your game score to your AD immediately after the contest, via text if possible.

In addition, after a contest you must report the score to MaxPreps.  You may send to The Seattle Times as well.

MaxPreps -

The Seattle Times 206-464-2276 fax 206-464-3255.




ECL Basketball Contacts 

John Wiley – Athletic Director, Overlake

Emerald City League Basketball Coordinator - Boys

425-868-6191 x 624

Jo Ito - Athletic Director, The Bush School

Emerald City League Basketball Coordinator - Girls