Emerald City League - Baseball Guidelines


One Varsity Division: Bush, Overlake-Bear Creek, University Prep.

Game Times:  Home Team decides and communicates all times to opponents.

League Rules

New for 2017: Home team is responsible for the official Pitch Count. Therefore make sure your scorebook person keeps track of this for both teams.   
1. Official Rule Book - The National Federation Rule Book applies.

2. Scheduling – Three games are scheduled between each opponent, home and away.

3. Number of Innings - League games are limited to seven (7) innings, or regular play.

4. Speeding Up Game - Umpire and coaches should speed up the game as much as possible. Any team ten (10) runs ahead by the end of five innings shall be declared the winner of the game.

5. Batting Practice - There will be NO batting practice (live or pitching machine) prior to league games. Violation will result in forfeiture of the game (Pepper, Wiffle toss on side and hitting fly balls OK).

6. Protests - Protests will follow WIAA & NFHS policies.

7. Umpires - 2 Association umpires are to be requested for each varsity baseball game, paid by home team.

8. Game Balls - The host school shall provide first line game balls.

9. Warm-Up - Home team shall take infield first and shall make the field available to the visiting team at least 15 minutes before game time. The visiting team shall have a minimum of 15 minutes of warm-up. Flexibility is permitted if visiting team is ready for infield before home team (i.e., visiting team warms-up first if communicated between head coaches).

10. Called Game, Prior to Arrival - Game cancellations are made by the home team by 1:00pm.  Games are rescheduled by Athletic Directors on the next available date. All League games will have priority over non-leagues games.  However, league games in classification take priority. For example, if there were two days left in the season and University prep had three games to play, they would first reschedule the game against Bush, then they would schedule the Overlake game. The non-league game against Darrington would be dropped.
Called Game, on the field: When a game is called by the umpire (because of weather, darkness, field limitations, etc.) before the completion of the required number of innings (4½ if home team ahead, then the game is declared "no game". The game should be replayed. The pitcher limitation rule shall apply. If the game goes the required number of innings and is tied and game is not the last meeting of the two teams in the season, the game is to be resumed before the next meeting of the two teams. If it is the last meeting, the game will be resumed at the point of suspension (with all factors the same, i.e. pitching limitation) at the next available date if the game has playoff implications.

11. Five Inning Double Headers - Because of rainouts, some schools may wish to use the five inning doubleheader option to get in two games on one date. Both teams must agree to this format prior to the start of the contest.

Other Important Information
Minimum Number of Practice Days per individual prior to first contest:   10
Regular Season Contest Limit:  20 games + 1 jamboree
All-League Procedures:  Coaches will meet to vote for all league team at the conclusion of the season. Coaches will also vote for League MVP.

Phone Numbers of Newspaper:  Seattle Times:  206-464-2276 (phone); 206-464-3255 (fax); sports@seattletimes.com

Northwest Umpires Baseball Association:  Leslie Fitzpatrick, Assignor@comcast.net, 206-954-7833

** Games will not be played if umpire does not show up.
League Champions:  1st place team from the regular season will be declared league champions, and may make banners declaring themselves as such.
Game Management:   Home team will serve as official scorer and will call in results to the media. Line Up cards should be filled out clearly with first and last names.

League Coordinator Contacts:

John WIley, Overlake, (425) 868-1000 jwiley@overlake.org