All-League Voting Procedures                                                                                                         (Revised October 2018)

The definition of an all-league representative is someone who:

  • Demonstrates skills and ability through performance in league contests;

  • Is both a leader to the team and demonstrates the attributes of sportsmanship;

  • Has played in at least 60% of all league games;

  • Has had nomination vetted by both coach and athletic director;


Athletic Directors are required to meet a nomination submission date prior to the all-league coaches' meeting.


Sports coordinators will remind coaches about the criteria for both Coach of the Year and Team Sportsmanship prior to the post-season meeting so as to help coaches to mindfully and coherently process what they are assessing when casting votes for Coach of the Year and Sportsmanship.

Coach of the Year criteria:

- Team achievement factors (in no particular order):

  • Winning achievements

  • Improvement from last year and/or during the season

  • What a team has done with the talent they have

  • Growth of student participation in the program

- Personal factors (how a coach presents themselves and represents their team)

  • Cultivation of relationships/collegiality with coaches in the league

  • Management of scores, especially in blowout situations

  • Modeling respect with officials

  • Promotion of sportsmanship with one’s athletes

Sportsmanship criteria:

  • Poise and self control regardless of situation or outcome

  • Respectful communication with opponents; intensity of effort does not detract from respect for others

  • Positive attitude

  • Avoid excessive/unnecessary contact

  • Interact respectfully with officials

Coach of the Year and Sportsmanship Voting:

- Coaches will vote for their top 3

- 5-3-1 scoring (5 for top votes…) to avoid ties

All Head Coaches must attend (or have representation at) the post season coaches’ meeting. At that meeting:

  • Coaches will be given time to discuss each of their all-league nominations as well as Rookie-of-the-Year nominations.

  • League sportsmanship reports will be distributed (card, technical reports) to each coach.

  • 2 AD’s will be present at All-League meetings: Sport Coordinator + another AD

  • Open Voting in all team sports. No counting of votes. Rookie and MVP Open Voting (MVP is also a member of the 1st Team All League).

  • Coach of the Year and Sportsmanship will be voted via closed ballots

  • If in Divisions, 70% will come from Division 1, 30% will come from Division 2

  • The size of some teams has been increased to try to make consistent 1st and 2nd teams. The percentage of players recognized will be kept consistent so girls’ sports aren’t penalized for extra teams

  • Honorable Mentions are not position specific.


Vote Confirmations/Reports:

  • ADs will confirm spellings, positions, etc., with the sport coordinator. Any discrepancies and/or possible issues will be discussed with the AD of the school involved. If needed, the league appeals committee will convene to any resolve issues.

  • All-League teams will be distributed to ADs via email and posted on the league website, (cc’d to Seattle Times) the same day by the sport coordinator.


All-League Team Sizes

Volleyball – 7 (1st Team)/ 7 (2nd Team)

Boys Soccer - 11 (1st team)/ 9 (2nd team)

Girls’ Soccer – 11 (1st team)/ 9 (2nd team)

Boys’ Basketball – 5 (1st team)/ 5 (2nd team):

Girls’ Basketball – 5 (1st team)/ 5 (2nd team) + 2 (Honorable Mention)

Baseball – 5

Softball – 5

Boys' Ultimate - 7 (1st team) + 4 (Honorable Mention)

Girls' Ultimate - 7 (1st team) + 4 (Honorable Mention)


Individual Sports’ Qualifications

  • · Cross Country – Top 13 boys and 14 girls awarded (25% of the 7 "starters"/team).

  • · Golf – top 25% of the league by regular season scoring average are 1st team All-League.

  • · Tennis – top 4 Singles & Doubles players will be considered 1st Team All-League.

  • · Track and Field – awards league honors by meeting standard(s).



  • · Athlete ejected for sportsmanship reasons is not eligible for all-league honors of any kind.

  • · If a coach is ejected, or receives two cards/two technical fouls for sportsmanship reasons, he/she is ineligible for Coach-of-the-Year and the team will not qualify for the Sportsmanship Award.